Poncho Perfect

Ever since moving to NY, i have been a big fan of ponchos, wraps, and other layering pieces. I come from a city where it would usually be unnecessary to wear something so warm. It just really doesn’t get cold enough in Miami. So now that i can, I tend to buy them in excess. I’m always scouting ponchos and wraps. In my opinion, you can never have enough. It’s a timeless staple in my wardrobe.

When perusing my usual sites, I found this lovely poncho. I immediately added it to my cart. Ponchos are just easy for me. You can wear something plain underneath and the ensemble still packs a punch. 

Poncho| NY& Co [Similar (HERE)]

Hat| Forever 21

Choker Sweater| Fashion To Figure

Boots| Torrid

Gloves| Lord & Taylor

Jeans| Rebel Wilson x Angels Collection

Belt| Very Old

Do you love ponchos as much as I do?? What’s your favorite type of layering piece?? 

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April Antoinette


Emerald City Chic

When I was a little girl, I used to be in awe of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. I thought it was so magistic and magical. I loved the story line and the thought of having Ruby slippers. I loved cowardly lion’s curls and Dorothy’s Gingham Dress. I used to sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” imagining I was in the movie. My most favorite scenes were the arrival to Emerald City. Everything was just so beautiful. The main characters even got more beautiful after they arrived in Emerald City.  The got makeovers by the talented Glam Squad of Oz. What girly girl wouldn’t love that part?? If you lived in Emerald City, what statement outfit would you wear??

I don’t live in Emerald city but decided to channel my inner Oz Resident in this look. Various hues of luxurious greens. I didn’t stop at one shade. I threw a whole bunch together in this look.

Green has to be one of my favorite colors, especially the richer tones that appear around the holidays. They seem to look and feel more lush. Velvets and Satins and Silks, Oh My!!! I’m just totally obsessed.

Did you love “The Wizard of Oz” as much as I did??

Jacket| NY&Co

Jeans| LaLa Anthony Collection

Boots| ShoeDazzle

Bag| Zara

Tank| Lord & Taylor Collection

Faux Fur| EBay

Jewelry| Swarovski

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Park Avenue Princess

You ever put on an outfit and it just made you feel like you should be living a different type of life?? No?? Only me? Well, this skirt ensemble instantly took me to my Penthouse Apartment on Madison or Park Avenue. (Yeah, i know that i live in the Bronx but a girl can dream. Can’t she?) I should be walking my poodles while shopping on 5th Avenue. Lol…

Well since that isn’t my reality, I can atleast look the part. I saw this amazing skirt and just had to have it. And i thought what better pairing than with my new favorite hat?? 

What do you guys think? Where does this look take you??? I can say I’m obsessed with it but that would be an understatement. Fringe has to be my ultimate favorite and in pale pink, I’m in heaven!!

Skirt| Eloquii. Similar (HERE)

Top| Eloquii

Hat: Kathy Jean Hats

Shoes| ShoeDazzle

Belt| Fashion To Figure

Jewelry| Anne Klein

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The Perfect Jeans ft. LaLa Anthony Collection

I can honestly say, it is a struggle for me to find jeans that i love on my body type (Body Type: Column-Narrow Hips). I attempt to try almost everything. I have narrowed the cut down to a skinny jean or straight leg, as it seems to flatter me the most.
One of my most recent searches for the perfect jean led me to look at The “Lala Anthony Collection”. She was recently at an event for the store I work for and the line seemed interesting. 
As soon as i slipped on the first pair, i immediately fell in love. These jeans are ultra comfortable, comes in a variety of washes and styles,  and has different accents (zippers, metals, etc.) The sizes range from 0-24 (which is amazing). I like the fact that though they are very slimming, they don’t exaggerate the fact that my hips are narrow. I love the fun details (like at the cuff and the distressing). The jeans run true to size (which is an even bigger bonus).
The various styles retail for $88.
 You can shop her collection at Lord & Taylor stores worldwide or online.
I think LaLa totally hit her mark with this collection. I’m a fan! I’m definitely going back to get more styles.
(Mid-Rise Distressed)
Sweater| Calvin Klein Woman
Vest| Dia&Co
Shoes| 9West
Tote| Kate Spade
Brooch| Vintage

*All items mentioned in this post were purchased by me (except for the vest sent by Dia&Co).
All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Love, Light, & Lipstick!
April Antoinette

Girl With Curves x Dia LookBook

Hey Friends!
I was recently sent a few items from the new “Girl with Curves x Dia& Co Collection”. I thought a LookBook would be the perfect way to showcase the collection.
So if you don’t know about Dia&Co already then here’s a short excerpt on who they are and what they do.
Dia & Co is the premier plus size clothing and personal styling service for women. Try on clothes at home, keep what you like, return the rest to us!”

Girl With Curves is plus size collection of clothes designed by Tanesha Awasthi (Plus Advocate, Designer, Influencer). 

Now that you’ve gotten a little background on the brands, let’s get into the clothes.


Dress| GWC x Dia
Hat| Collection18
Belt|  NY&Co
Shoes| Amazon
Bag| Zara


Top & Clutch| Dia&Co
Hat| NY& Co
Shoes| Torrid
Jeans| GWC x Dia


Jacket| GWC x Dia
Dress| Ross
Shoes| 9West
Jewelry/Pin| Trina Turk
Bag| Brahmin
Hat| Parkhurst
Belt| Thrifted

Here’s the funpart!!!
Dia& Co has decided to give one of my lucky followers a curated box with one of the items from the collection.
I’ve recently launched my YouTube Channel. 
All the details of the giveaway can be found there.

To get pieces of the collection, head on over to
*The Collection has been sent to me for promotional purposes. The styling of the items were done all by myself. 
Love, Light, & Lipstick
April Antoinette

Let’s Talk Thrifting… My Thrifting Tips

As I child, I hated going to the “Second Hand” stores with my mom. It was one of her hobbies and because she promised we would go to regular department stores as well, i would tag along. Little did i know, that as an adult, I would love it too. I thank her now for showing me the ins and outs of Thrifting and i want to share with you all my tips and tricks.
Cape Coat Thrifted From @KazVault. Can be found on Instagram
1. Shop with no expectations.
I find that when I’m looking for an exact item, i never find it. But when i just look, to look, i find everything. Go in with no expectations. Be open to look at everything.
2. Find thrift and second hand stores in more expensive neighborhoods or theater districts.
When I go thrifting, i tend to look in the theatre districts or near opera houses. I always find unique things with minimal wear and tear (please note: it is not ALWAYS the case, but i has worked for me more often than not). Thrifting in more affluent communities tend to bare more labels and amazing antique jewelry. 
3. Try Online.
There are so many second-hand sites and apps now. Sites and Apps like ThredUp, Poshmark, Etsy, etc. Even GoodWill has an online store for Thrifting. Check Instagram as well. So many Thrift Sellers on there. I tend to actually have more luck online.
4. Wash Everything.
This maybe a given but it has to be said. You don’t know who the first owner was, so either have it cleaned or wash it yourself. Just to be safe.

5. Look for Classic Labels That Stand The Test Of Time.
There are certain brands that never go out of style. Seek those brands out. They tend to still look on trend.
6. Mix Them Up.
I will always mix my thrift finds with recent purchases. Adds a more interesting feel to an outfit. One of my style icons has done this for years (Carrie Bradshaw: Sex & The City) and has always looked chic doing it. If Carrie does it, then so must I. Lol.
7. Don’t settle on the listed price.
In most cases, the listed price is the start to negotiations. Always attempt to get the items for cheaper.
8. Search for that Diamond In The Rough.
Make sure you pay attention to your labels. Alot of times, you can find amazing Vintage pieves from high end brands. And we all know that everything comes back around. (i.e. MCM.)
There’s no right or wrong way to thrift. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun. Hopefully my tips help you to find that Thrifters Gold or that Perfect Piece.
Happy Shopping

Get Your Rebel On

Rebel Wilson X Angels Collection
I came across this cute yet edgy collection while perusing around Lord & Taylor 5th Avenue. I saw a few pieces that jumped out at me immediately. While looking through the racks, it dawned on me that i had actually seen this collection in action, at this year’s The Curvy Con. I put 1 and 2 together and remembered that the comedic actress Rebel Wilson had started her own line. She mixed flirty with edge and I’m loving everything about this.

The fit is great on all the pieces that i tried but i ended up sizing down to a 1x in everything. I’m usually a solid 18/2x in most brands, for reference. I would advise that you size down.
The quality of the pieces are extraordinary.
The price range is moderate (jacket was around $80, jeans around $60).

Jacket & Jeans| Rebel Wilson x Angels
Blouse| JunaRose
Boots| ShoeDazzle
Bag| Boohoo
Beret| Lord & Taylor

Photography|Y. Miranda for Piercing Lite Studios

You can find this collection at Fine Retailers worldwide or on the website.
It definitely is worth checking out.

The Big Elephant in the Room: I know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted. Life has a way of getting away from you. But I’m back. Better than Ever. Stay tuned for all of the fabulous stuff to come!!

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