Spring Forward with Spring Colors

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Today is my birthday! Whoot Whoot.
In celebration of my birthday, yesterday I went to the theater. I went and saw “Wicked” on Broadway. I was super excited because I hadn’t been to a play in years. With that being said, I had no idea on what to wear for a matinee performance. I’m always the girl that likes to dress up but I know that this was a matinee showing so instead I went with casual and comfy. Thank God I did because I still felt over dressed. People were in jeans! I guess that’s the new dress code of the theater.
Anywho, I sported this look to the show yesterday
Dress & Bag| Ashley Stewart   Wedges| Vince Camuto  Jewelry| Fashion to Figure
Today, I wanted to look cute but still be polished for work because it IS my birthday. You can’t look cray cray on your birthday. lol
 I went with my favorite coat (posted before) and nice sheath dress.

Dress & Coat| Old Navy  Belt| NY &Co.   Flats| JustFab  Jewelry| Ashley Stewart
I’m so happy it’s spring and we can now rock bare legs and open toe shoes. Spring has to be my favorite season (I’m an April baby. Of course it is.)
As always, I thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you share your feedback and comments.
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Spring Flats and Things!: Another Shoe Haul

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In preparation for plenty of brunch events and walking around New York, I’ve been shopping for more flats. I wanted to combine cute and comfy to flatter alot of different outfits. I’ve got quite a small collection of flats to add to my massive shoe wardrobe. Here are a few I purchased lately. Some are still available and I will try to provide links for those. Some are not! Anywho, Let’s get into this Haul!


 All prices are different if you become a VIP. Read the rules of the membership on their site. All the styles posted here were $40.00 per pair, with my membership


Diovila come is this beautiful green and a multi-colored pattern. They didn’t have the multi in my size.


Tuvana also comes in white. I am definitely going to purchase them because these are super comfy.


Maddie features a metallic animal print that subtle. It’s hardly noticeable in the picture. They are super stylist and cute.


All the MACY’s finds were purchased in store from the sale section. That means they’ll be harder to locate on line. 
I purchased three pair of the INC (International Concepts) Crescente Flats in various colors. These flats are comfy and classic. Good for work and/or play. I purchased the black/white, peach, and periwinkle versions. The prices all varied but I didn’t pay more than $20 for each style. Which is great because the original prices for all where over $50.00


I recently visited the Nine West Outlet in Atlantic City. I purchased a view things while I was there. Because they were purchased from an outlet, I did not find the styles available on line.
I had to slip in a pair of pumps. These were too unique not to get.

 I also found a pair of comfy wedges for work. I wore these in one of my most recent posts.


I found these super cute, jelly like flats in DSW. I’ve worn them a couple times. They are so comfortable. They are from the brand MEL by melissa. Which is a new brand to me.


I am always on the hunt for a classy pair of white shoes. White is the hardest shoe (in my opinion) to make. Most look super cheesy and cheap. I found these Vince Camuto wedges on sale for $55.00 at MACY’s. SCORE!!!!!!
These concludes my most recent shoe haulage. I doubt I’m done purchasing for the Spring, but this is a good starting point.
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Perfectly Polished In 10 Minutes

No Amount of Makeup can Mask An Ugly Heart ~Kevyn Aucoin
Long ago, i tried to adopt a routine for makeup when I’m strapped for time. With testing out various products and techniques, I finally found the perfect routine that I can execute in 10 to 15 minutes. It still looks polished and well executed but takes less time and less products than my 30 minutes routine.
Being that my skin is oily, I chose the most matte form of products possible. ALL POWDERS.
*Please Note: This routine will not be the best for everyone. I do not recommend using all powder on drier skin types.
I will attempt to walk you through my steps to achieve my ultra simple 10 minute face.
1. PRIMER- This can be your normal primer. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, especially with using powders. You need something for them to adhere too. SO primer is definitely essential. Of late, I’ve been using  Rimmel Stay Matte Primer with MAC  Prep + Prime Line Filler underneath my eyes. I also use an eyeshadow primer in my brows to reduce oily-ness in that area. I’ve been using Urban Decay Primer Potion in the original formula. I fill my eyebrows in like normal but I do them before foundation (which is not usually the case because I usually do them after my foundation when using liquids). I mostly always use a brow pencil. Today, I used Anatasia Brow Wiz in Brunette
2. CONCEAL- This step is optional for some. If you don’t have overly apparent dark circles or any color correcting to do, you can skip this process all together. For me, I use a cream concealer under and on top of my eyes to cancel out darkness and I use the same concealer underneath my brows to highlight that area.  Today, I used MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC42 (which is a shade lighter than my foundation)
3. EVEN OUT- Here’s where the first powder comes into play. I go in and even out my complexion with a FULL COVERAGE POWDER FOUNDATION. I place this everywhere on the face EXCEPT where I placed the concealer underneath the eyes. Today, I used MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in C6
4. HIGHLIGHT- Now, you want to set that under eye concealer. Today, I used MAC Studio Care Blend Pressed Powder in Medium Plus to lock that concealer into place. If you want a brighter look under the eye, use a sponge to press the powder in. If you want a more subtle look, use a brush to press powder into this area. (Artist Notes: I LOVE USING THE E.L.F Cosmetics Small Tapered Brush. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
5. CONTOUR- Because foundation of any kind takes away dimension from the face by changing it all to one color, you want to use a product to bring the dimension back to the face. So I contour the perimeters of my face, the hollows of my cheeks and the sides of my nose with a deeper warmer powder. Today, I used MAC Studio Fix Powder + Plus in NW45. (Artist Notes: You can also use this as a blush to skip a step). Another place that I add the warmer color is to the crease of my eye. It adds dimension and color to that area without using a different product. It also ties the contouring into the other parts.
6. MASCARA- I also apply mascara. On my more natural days, I use a less intense mascara like MAC’s Mineralized Mascara on top and bottom lashes.
7. COLOR & SHIMMER- Now this step is also optional. Some think the bronzer is enough color for day time. I go the extra mile and add a natural looking blush and shimmer to the cheeks. Today, I used NYX Cinnamon blush which is a nice orange color and MAC’s Iridescent Powder in Golden Bronze for a subtle glow.
8. LOCK IT UP- Now, Because I’m extreme oily and I need extra staying power, I add two more products. I use a translucent setting powder to melt all the products together and to lock in all the oils.  Today, I used Black Opal Oil Blocking Setting Powder in the pressed form. Then I spray my entire face with Ben Nye Final Seal Setting spray. The setting spray not only adds longevity to the makeup, it also allows all these powders to set into the skin and look more skin like.
9. LIP ACTION- Last step is to add your favorite lip product. Today, I used MAC Lipstick in Giddy.
This routine is so quick and effective. It gets me ready in less time and still is appropriate for work or other activities.
Here’s more view of the quick face in other lighting scenarios!
Front Camera view in natural light

Back Camera with Flash in Natural Lighting

Back Camera with Flash in dim inside lighting
I hope this post helps you with your daily makeup routine. This is my quick fix makeup. Take the parts of it that will help you while finding your own quick fix face routine.
As always, I appreciate you stopping by my blog and I welcome all feedback

Nautically Inspired

Good Morning Beauties and Gents!

The rain has stopped temporarily and the weather is beautiful here in New York. 
I won’t bother you with tons of chit chat. Let’s get right into outfit details.
Unfortunately, I don’t know where the dress comes from (it was a gift from my mom)

Coat| Old Navy
Wedges| Nine West  (similar here)
Earrings| Ashley Stewart
Belt| Street vendor
Bag| Wilson’s Leather


My makeup is has been simple for a while. No major differences. But here is my FOTD
On my lips I’m wearing my fave NUDE. Too Face Melted Nude Liquid Lipstick with MAC Spice Lip Pencil
My lid color is MAC Pro Longwear e/s in CAREFREE
My highlight on my cheeks is MAC SUPERB In Extra Dimension Skin Finish (this is a limited edition product)
My blush is NYX Cinammon Blush

I appreciate everyone that visits my blog. I welcome all questions and feedback!
Be Blessed

Bele Virgin Hair: First Impression/Review

Bele Virgin Hair Aliexpress
DISCLAIMER: All outcomes will not be the same. I can only speak from my point of view and experience. Please note that I have not been sent this hair. The hair was purchased with my own funds. And all my thoughts and opinions are mine! This is NOT a sponsored post.

I was tired of my short bob style so I went on the hunt for some good quality hair. I tend to go with Aliexpress because they have quality hair with great prices. I don’t see myself spending $500 + for hair. Especially being that I don’t reuse my hair.

 I’ve spent countless hours on YOUTUBE looking at review after review. I came across a review for BELE VIRGIN HAIR. After watching one after the other, I decided to check this company out. I was pleasantly surprised at the pricing. I then ordered my hair on a Sunday evening.
Let’s begin with the pricing. I paid $111.00 for 4 Bundles of 5A Brazilian Body Wave 100% Virgin Hair. I was super happy about this price.

(Click here to be directed to the exact link of the hair I purchased)

I ordered my hair on a Sunday evening. I received my hair on the Friday after. So in all, it took 5 days to process and ship.

I ordered 2 bundles of Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair in lengths (2 bundles)16inch. and  (2 bundles)18inch.

This is how my hair looked once it arrived
It came in seperate plastic packaging and all in one ziploc plastic package. Very simple but a little better than most companies.
I also received a complimentary pack of flexi-rods rollers. I thought this was really nice of them. Being as though they definitely didn’t have to send me anything.
I unraveled the bundles to make sure the wefting was up to par. I loved the wave pattern. I didn’t experience any weird smells or anything.

Here is the construction of the weft. The weft had visible NO BEARDING. (Which is great because I hate that look)

I co-washed the hair (with DOVE CONDITIONER) and let it air dry. I did not comb through it after it was dry. So I didn’t get much shedding. And also didn’t get much through-out the co-wash process. No tangling as well.
This hair blends very well with my relaxed hair. It retained it’s wave pattern after co-washing and became even softer.

Here it is after air-drying from the co-wash (BTW Co-Wash is washing with conditioner instead of shampoo).

My stylist loves to take photos (Shawanna Anderson of SHAIR ELEGANCE SALON: 1252 Troy Avenue. Brooklyn, NY) so of course I got a few photos of the natural wave pattern before she curled it.

This was before any product or heat was applied to the hair. And before layering and cutting.

Overall, I would give this company and hair 2 thumbs up. So far, I’m in love. The Price is GREAT. The amount of time for processing and shipping is GREAT. The look and feel of the hair is GREAT. No smell. Minimal Shedding. Also, I have had this hair in for 3 days and have yet to re-curl it. I put 4 flexi-rods in my hair at night and it retains the curl all day. WIN WIN WIN! I definitely would recommend this company to others.

Here is the hair installed.

BodyCon in Blue

Skirt & Top| Forever21 +
Jacket| NY&Co.
Shoes| Exchange by Charles David
Let me first begin by saying, I wear hose very often. Some people hate the idea of hosiery with open toe shoes or peep toes. I however feel it’s a must to wear pantyhose to work. I just have to! lol
Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, let’s talk about the color combination. I love seeing blue and any form of neon together. I don’t know why. And who doesn’t love a good body con pencil skirt?? Very figure flattering. I think Forever21 does body cons for plus size so well. Extra tummy control.
I ended up keeping my jewelry simple as possible. 
Now with the shoes, I wanted to pair it with colorful shoes but they were just too uncomfortable for work. So I just went with these comfy heels by Exchange by Charles David. 
But here are the shoes I planned on wearing today.
Shoes are by Enzo Angiolini
Well, I’m keeping this one short and sweet. 
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ShoeDazzle Style Haul

I was recently surfing through Instagram and on of the divas I follow posted a picture of shoes she had just received from ShoeDazzle. When I saw the picture, I was surprised being that when I was a member 4 years ago, the shoe collection wasn’t all that impressive. I quickly typed in the web address to search through their current selection. There were so many different styles that I loved and that wasn’t the case years ago. Also, if you become a VIP member, you get special deals and what not. How could I pass this up??
So I ended up ordering four pair of shoes. Here are the styles.

These come in 2 colors. I chose the Blue Multi. Patent Leather. Super sleek and comfy. These are size 11 and true to size
Nena by MADISON $39.99

These are my favorite of them all. They have a pink and white fabric design with a cutesy bow at the back.  These also come in a Blue Multi Print, which I plan on purchasing as well. They are size 11 and true to size.
Simone by MADISON: $39.99

 These babies are both classy and sexy at the same time. The bow detailing and ankle wrapping strap give a wow factor. They also come in NUDE. I can’t wait to rock them. These are size 11 and runs true to size.
 Leta by SIGNATURE $39.99

What I love about these are they are simple and classic. Can be worn with a multitude of items. They have a cushion where the pad of the foot meets the shoe for added comfort. They come in Red, Black, and White as well. These are size 11 and run true to size.
All of the shoes mentioned were purchased in size 11. Most are sold out in that size. As a VIP I got the special pricing of $39.99 each. Regular pricing is $54.99 each. I purchased all with my own money. They were definitely well worth it. The quality of the shoes is amazing. I am a shoe fanatic and I know for a fact I’ll be purchasing from them again. So many styles in my personal showroom that I love. Plus, other styles, handbags, and accessories to choose from. The one thing you need to remember as a VIP is that if you don’t want to purchase anything within a specific month, then you must log in and skip that month by the 5th of each month or they will bill you $39.99. It goes into your account as credit if you don’t use it. With so many items to choose from though, I’m sure you won’t have that problem.
Do any of you subscribe to this site? If so, what are your thoughts?? I’m loving them so far.
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