Maxi Season is Upon Us

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Spring is officially HERE! My favorite season for so many reasons. One being my birthday is forthcoming (APRIL BABY WHOOT WHOOT).
Easter is about a lot of things to me but one very special thing is that I represents to me that it’s time to transition out of the drab colors of Winter and amp up the bright colors of Spring!
So this past Sunday, I went for full on Floral fabulosity.

I kept my makeup pretty neutral because I felt I had enough color.
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High-Fashion and Couture for Less

For a lot of years, I’ve spent tons of money on gowns I’ve only worn once. I actually have the opportunity to frequent formal affairs. But we all know how much goes into looking great for a formal event. Hair, Makeup, Accessories and THE DRESS! You spend countless hours searching for the perfect dress and then spend tons of money too.
And then there’s the thing of space! I live in NY, I have to put all these gowns in storage because they definitely don’t fit in the closet.

So you could guess how excited I was to find a service like Rent The Runway.  This service allows you to rent runway worthy clothing and gowns for an allotted time period. And then you return it on the date you specify.

My first rental was this weekend for my friend’s Black Tie Affair. I rented a Monique Lhuillier gown. My rental span was 4 days. They sent me two sizes (I paid for 1 but they sent me an extra size for free). And not only did they ship it to my door, the way it came was sort of amazing. So it comes in this thing that looks like a box, but once you zip it open, it is a gown bag. They ship it with a UPS label so that you can return it easily. They also sent me a “Surprise Bling” Item for a small extra charge (it was a coordinating bag picked by their stylist).

So now that you have all the details about this amazing service, take a look at my dress. Now I would say I could have gone a size smaller. It was a little big, but it was ok due to the style of the dress. I will know for next time to size down.

The bag that came as my “Surprise Bling” item

All in all, I’m in love with this service. It allows me to rent my ball gowns for the fraction of the price and also leaves me room in my closet for all the regular clothing I like to hoard! lol  If you’re looking for something to wear that you don’t mind returning, definitely check out Rent The Runway.

I know it’s been sometime since I posted but I’ve been upgrading a lot of my equipment! So be on the look out for bigger and better in the very near future.
Happy Shopping and Much Love.