A lil Shimma Shimma

Hey Hey Hey Ya’ll. Happy February. I’m happy to be back for another post. I hope you guys missed me. 😉😉

Today’s post is all about a simple silhouette jazzed up by different textures. I chose to pair these shimmery palazzo pants by Rachel Roy Curve with a Pink Velvet Blazer by JustFab. Topped it off with a sliver clutch and that’s the recipe to a fun outfit.

Blazer| JustFab

Pants| RachelRoy

Blouse| Michael Studio

Shoes| Fashion To Figure

Earrings| TrinaTurk

What do you think of this combination?? I was totally in Love with it. Would you rock this??

As always, i enjoy reading your comments and feedback. Until next post.


April Antoinette

Let’s Get In Formation

So here we meet again! It’s Monday and we get a fresh start to this week.

Today, my look features Dia&Co. Dia&Co. is a plus size subscription service I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Well, a few weeks ago, I received a nice box from my Dia Stylist Ashby and this dress and jacket just called right out to me. Red has been my color lately and this cute little RebelxAngels number was right up my alley. Ashby suggested I wear the jacket and dress together and boy was she right. But you know I had to throw my spin on the look. So I added leather & suede accessories to compliment the look. This look totally reminded me of Beyonce’s Formation Superbowl Performance. Does it sorta remind you of that iconic look???

Two Things of Note: The dress can be purchased from Rebel WilsonxAngels Collection Directly. AND it’s super comfy with pockets (I can see myself wearing this alot)

Jacket & Dress| Provided by Dia&Co.

Boots| ShoeDazzle

Faux Leather Studded Gloves| Zara

Faux Leather Beret| Amazon

Jewelry| Swarovski

Tights| Hue

Lips| Sephora Matte lip #01

Foundation| Nars Radiant LongWear Foundation in Tahoe

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Let’s have a fantastic week.


April Antoinette

RRR You Curvy???

What’s Happening My Good People?? It’s 2018 and I’m just starting to get into the swing of things. I hope all of you are starting your year off fabulously! I would love to hear all your plans for this new year.

Today’s look is bought to you by none other than Rachel Roy Curve. I’d been spying various pieces from her collection for quite some time. I ended up picking up more than a few items. Her esthetic/ style of clothing is very fun and eclectic. For every collection she drops, I fall more and more in love with her clothing.

Have you tried anything from her line? What are your favorite items??

Here, I am rocking this faux fur tri-color coat and Black Slacks with an athletic stripe. I like the contrast between semi athletic wear and a posh coat.

Side Note: Her clothes, for the most part, run true to size.

Striped Faux Fur Coat

Side Striped Pants

Mock Turtle Neck| Forever21

Gloves| Isotoner

Boots| Anne Klein

Earrings| Design Lab

I shop Rachel Roy #rrrcurvy at Lord & Taylor 5th Avenue but she can be found at finer retailers worldwide.

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Xoxo,

April King

Lash Barbie featuring Esqido Lashes

Hey Guys!! I’m so happy to have made it to 2018. This promises to be an amazing year! 
With this renewal of the year comes new and exciting content for “What April Wore”. This year, I’m starting with a makeup review. 

I was sent two pair of lashes with lash glue from Esqido Mink Lashes. I was so excited for the opportunity to try these amazing lashes for the first time. I’m a lash girl so I’m always looking for some great lashes.

 My biggest concern with lashes is their ability to hold up for re-use. Cheap lashes usually aren’t strong enough for multiple applications. So I usually splurge for better quality.

Here’s a look at what I was sent.


  • I love the packaging. The epitome of luxury.
  • The styles fit my eye perfectly. They curve right to the lash line
  • They are affordable. Not super expensive.
  • The glue is fantastic. The best I’ve used. Great for sensitive eyes. 
  • The lashes are so wispy and beautiful. Adds so much beauty to the eye.
  • I used one pair in 3 looks. Still as good as new. 
  • They are very comfortable to wear. I didn’t really feel them on.
  • The lash band isn’t bulky or thick. Looks more natural.
  • They are mink. Definitely can see the difference from regular smegular lashes.

Fortunately, I have no cons about these lashes. They are definitely a must have in my honest opinion. Oh, and the glue, is a definite for any brand of lashes. It’s rare I find an adhesive that doesn’t make me tear. (P.S- AND It’s latex free)

Lash Companion: https://esqido.com/products/companion-eyelash-glue

Here are a few looks with the lashes

All in all, these were a win for me.

Something you definitely need to try. 

Happy New Year Lovies. Here’s to a great year.


April Antoinette

Poncho Perfect

Ever since moving to NY, i have been a big fan of ponchos, wraps, and other layering pieces. I come from a city where it would usually be unnecessary to wear something so warm. It just really doesn’t get cold enough in Miami. So now that i can, I tend to buy them in excess. I’m always scouting ponchos and wraps. In my opinion, you can never have enough. It’s a timeless staple in my wardrobe.

When perusing my usual sites, I found this lovely poncho. I immediately added it to my cart. Ponchos are just easy for me. You can wear something plain underneath and the ensemble still packs a punch.

Poncho| NY& Co [Similar (HERE)]

Hat| Forever 21

Choker Sweater| Fashion To Figure

Boots| Torrid

Gloves| Lord & Taylor

Jeans| Rebel Wilson x Angels Collection

Belt| Very Old

Do you love ponchos as much as I do?? What’s your favorite type of layering piece??

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! All comments and questions are welcome. Until next post.

April Antoinette


Emerald City Chic

When I was a little girl, I used to be in awe of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. I thought it was so magistic and magical. I loved the story line and the thought of having Ruby slippers. I loved cowardly lion’s curls and Dorothy’s Gingham Dress. I used to sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” imagining I was in the movie. My most favorite scenes were the arrival to Emerald City. Everything was just so beautiful. The main characters even got more beautiful after they arrived in Emerald City.  The got makeovers by the talented Glam Squad of Oz. What girly girl wouldn’t love that part?? If you lived in Emerald City, what statement outfit would you wear??

I don’t live in Emerald city but decided to channel my inner Oz Resident in this look. Various hues of luxurious greens. I didn’t stop at one shade. I threw a whole bunch together in this look.

Green has to be one of my favorite colors, especially the richer tones that appear around the holidays. They seem to look and feel more lush. Velvets and Satins and Silks, Oh My!!! I’m just totally obsessed.

Did you love “The Wizard of Oz” as much as I did??

Jacket| NY&Co

Jeans| LaLa Anthony Collection

Boots| ShoeDazzle

Bag| Zara

Tank| Lord & Taylor Collection

Faux Fur| EBay

Jewelry| Swarovski

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Until Next Post… Xoxo

April Antoinette

Park Avenue Princess

You ever put on an outfit and it just made you feel like you should be living a different type of life?? No?? Only me? Well, this skirt ensemble instantly took me to my Penthouse Apartment on Madison or Park Avenue. (Yeah, i know that i live in the Bronx but a girl can dream. Can’t she?) I should be walking my poodles while shopping on 5th Avenue. Lol…

Well since that isn’t my reality, I can atleast look the part. I saw this amazing skirt and just had to have it. And i thought what better pairing than with my new favorite hat?? 

What do you guys think? Where does this look take you??? I can say I’m obsessed with it but that would be an understatement. Fringe has to be my ultimate favorite and in pale pink, I’m in heaven!!

Skirt| Eloquii. Similar (HERE)

Top| Eloquii

Hat: Kathy Jean Hats

Shoes| ShoeDazzle

Belt| Fashion To Figure

Jewelry| Anne Klein

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